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Health is Wealth.
So Are Your Words.

Every business begins at its roots. You envisioned those roots, took the action to sow those roots, and now you are growing.  I am here to embellish the branches of your growth so you can reach many people with the beautiful things you have to offer!

My name is Lauren Scheff. I am a health-focused freelance content and copywriter knowledgeable in nutrition, sustainability, herbalism, health-focused eating, wellness, and dietary supplementation. My personal lifestyle and interests reflect these topics, and I would love to write blog posts, about pages, testimonials, web copy,  and more communicating the values of you and your business straight to your audience!

My favorite part about writing is amplifying not only my voice and what I advocate for but the voices of those who share similar beliefs. Writing is a partnership, and I only wish to be an aid in the success of those contributing their ideas to the world. Together, we will connect to thousands of people, because you have something to offer, and because I have the will to share that passion of yours through written communication.


So, let's connect so we can connect with the world!


Me with some beautiful roots in Greenville, South Carolina

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